Four novice adventurers are hired by the Protectors' Guild to investigate the deaths of several workers in the infamous Stillmire Swamp. A simple investigation turns into an adventure that leads to mysteries and dangers beyond their experiences.

  • Morganna: A newly graduated Gray Robe mage with a strong will, a short temper, and a disregard for good, evil, or any kind of balance between the two She has always found rules to be a hindrance. She wanted adventure, so she put together an adventuring party of fellow novice adventurers from the Protectors' Guild.

  • Lance: A cleric of Thor with a natural tendency toward good and lawfulness, as well as leadership. Once a slave, he abhors the practice, as well as anyone who enslaves others. Seeking advancement in his order, he joined the Protectors' Guild and agreed to join Morganna's group.

  • Giovanna: A ranger without a land to call her own. Shy and quiet, with a deep regard for nature and a fear of taking risks. She grew up in the mountains, and thought she was just passing through on her way to find her own stomping grounds.

  • Frizzle: A gnome illusionist and thief, who seems to embody chaos. He uses his nimble fingers to their utmost, whether casting spells, picking locks, or conducting torture. He found himself alone in Thule, in need of friends and an income, so he joined the Protectors' Guild.



The Protectors' Guild sends them to investigate the grisly deaths of several workers in the Stillmire Swamp. Their investigation leads them to a dangerous creature, and after some difficulty, they manage to destroy the foul thing. In the process, they discover an abandoned tower deep in the swamp. Exploring it, they find themselves outnumbered by undead and are forced to retreat. They return, more prepared, and are eventually victorious against the horde of undead. But ridding the tower of its unsavory residents is only the beginning. Soon they find the tower holds more adventure and mysteries than fits within its walls: such as the strange device hanging in the center of the ground floor ceiling; that there are no stairs leading upward, yet from the outside they can see there are windows high in the tower; and once they reach the the top floor, they learn that it contains the strangest mysteries and biggest dangers of all.

Anxious to explore the vast areas the tower gives them access to, they must first protect the secret of the tower from the greedy powers in Thule - as well as a Black Robe mage - who would take it from them, even if they have to do so over their dead bodies.

Who built such a tower deep in a swamp? And why? What are the strange orrerys for? Where does the tower lead to?




Of course, things don't just happen on their own, someone - or something - has to cause them to happen. Who or what brought these four very different adventurers together and is manipulating their fates? And why?

The question isn't, "Can they survive?" it's "Can their world survive?"



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